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HyPer 9 IS offers a plug-and-play powertrain for EV conversions

Motor distributor NetGain Motors (NGM) has formed a strategic relationship with Italy-based motor controller manufacturer SME Group, to bring the newly developed HyPer 9 motor to market.

The HyPer 9 is a synchronous reluctance internal permanent magnet (SRIPM) motor. It forms the centerpiece of the HyPer 9 Integrated System (IS), a plug-and-play system for EV conversions. The package includes a HyPer 9 motor, a fully matched and programmable SRIPM motor controller, diagnostic display, throttle, main contactor, and low-voltage wire harness.

The HyPer 9 IS runs at a nominal voltage of 100 V that provides 85 kW at peak load. Peak efficiency reaches ~95%. Maximum current is 850 Amps. Shaft torque has been measured at 173 lb-ft at zero RPM. Peak RPM is 8,000 with a maximum continuous RPM of 3,300.

“The SRIPM motors made by SME are the most highly efficient and powerful motors in their class,” said Hunter Hamstra, VP and Product Manager at NetGain Motors. “They generate less heat and can operate over a greater range that guarantees superiority in a wide range of EV applications. We have worked closely with SME to create a motor designed with benefits from our DC motors, incorporated into the most efficient framework produced by SME.”


Source: NetGain Motors

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