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Henkel introduces new protective coatings for battery housings

German chemical company Henkel has introduced two new coatings designed to protect battery housings from heat and fire in case of a thermal runaway event.

The company says, “When applied to battery packs, the coatings help to inhibit and delay the spread of fires to protect the passengers as they evacuate the vehicle.”

Loctite EA 9400 is a two-component, active flame-retardant, epoxy-based fire-protective coating. It is designed to be applied to battery pack housings in a thin and lightweight layer, and can be applied to the inside and outside of the housing.

Loctite FPC 5060 is a water-based inorganic single-component coating. “Its unique inorganic formulation does not include any hazardous chemicals and produces no smoke, no fumes and no carbon during a fire—thereby further protecting passengers.”

Both coatings are designed for automated mass production, can be applied through a spray or a flat stream and cure at room temperature. Henkel also says “both are compatible with common automated dispensing systems.”

“We are also providing our customers with comprehensive support for process implementation and working in collaboration with dispensing equipment suppliers to deliver a coherent, joined up-approach across the entire value chain,” said E-Mobility Business Development Manager EIMEA at Henkel Marvin Romberg.

Source: Henkel


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