Has Lexus seen the electric light? New UX 300e electric crossover to debut in selected markets this year

Many auto brands can be described as EV laggards, but Lexus has gone beyond that, and positioned itself as an active EV opponent. Although Lexus has been producing a wide range of hybrids for years, it has aired not one, but at least two ad campaigns that ridicule plug-in vehicles. A third campaign made such outrageous claims that it was banned by Norway’s consumer protection agency.

Now the Japanese luxury brand has announced a baby step towards electrification with the UX 300e, an electric crossover that “will be introduced to selected markets in Europe by the end of the year.”

The UX 300e is powered by a newly developed 54.3 kWh battery, located under the cabin floor and rear seat. Lexus says the range will be 400 km on the (notoriously inaccurate) NEDC cycle, or 300 km on the (newer and more accurate) WLTP cycle.

Sensors monitor the voltage and temperature of each of the 288 battery cells. Lexus has developed a battery cell air-cooling system which it says is safer and lighter than water-cooled systems. Heating elements under each battery module are designed to minimize the impact of cold weather on driving range.

The UX 300e’s all-new drivetrain includes a 150 kW (204 DIN hp) electric motor driving the front wheels. Top speed is expected to be 160 km/h, and 0-100 km acceleration is quoted at 7.5 seconds.

Source: Lexus

  • Ormond Otvos

    And a big ol’ price to pay for the ads…

  • Bob

    Fwd, fiasco.. Shake hand with Pacifica hybrid, they also didn’t know how to build AWD????

  • http://www.aeva.asn.au Chris Jones

    I am a fan of their cooling system. Keeps the costs down and is about as effective as liquid cooling in practical terms.

  • morrisg

    So, a Lexus BEV with about 180 miles of range WLTP with a 0-100km/h in 7.5 seconds. Sorry, but I think that ship has sailed already. Maybe enough range but not fast enough to compete with Tesla, Volvo, Polestar, etc. No price is mentioned but I expect it to be about where Tesla Model 3 is, or maybe more than the SR+ with a 250 mile range and much faster acceleration. Sigh. Toyota had better get serious quickly or suffer the consequences: lower sales numbers.

  • SJC_1

    Some like buying from Lexus/Toyota making cars for 50 years.