Lexus ad ridicules BMW i3

Lexus Ad Bashing BMW i3

They’re at it again. As Toyota execs talk trash about electric powertrains, subsidiary Lexus has launched a second ad campaign (via Green Car Reports) that makes fun of EVs, touting pure hybrids as superior. 


In the latest five-minute video (perhaps an outtake from the new Dumb and Dumber movie), two groups of jokers set out on a road trip to Vegas, one troupe in a Lexus hybrid, and the other in a BMW i3. The hapless electronauts have to stop four times to recharge, sweltering in the desert sun along the way (shades of the New York Times’ “lost in the snow” nightmare), while the savvy Lexus buyers arrive on time for their party, cool and smug.

Left unasked:

  • Why would anyone attempt a long road trip in a car that has an EPA-rated range of 81 miles? Or did the BMW dealer not explain to these fine fellows how EVs work? He or she certainly seems to have neglected to tell them about BMW’s 360 Electric program, which offers loaner gas vehicles to i3 owners, for those times when they need to make long road trips.
  • Why didn’t our pals opt for an i3 with the range-extending engine, which would have made the trip with only a couple of quick stops to gas up? (In fact, eagle-eyed blogger Tom Moloughney noticed that the i3 in the video does indeed have the REx option, but the gas door was Photoshopped out in some, but not all, shots.)
Lexus Ad Bashing BMW i3 2
  • Who came up with the idea that hybrids and EVs are competing technologies? EVs aren’t for everyone, and neither are Lexi. We suspect that some households happily own one of each.

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Source: Green Car Reports

  • Brian Hale

    BMW should do a video with the i3 with range extender vs the Toyota fuel cell car making the same trip.

    • Michael Walsh

      Arf, Arf!! Toyota speak with forked tongue… Toyota will severely regret all this ridiculous behavior in about 18 months~when incredible new batteries start coming out…. it is inevitable the EV will win, wonder if I can place a huge bet with awesome odds in Vegas right now…

      • Phil Tuttobene

        I agree Michael. EVs will soon have a 300 mile range standard with a charge time of 20 minutes. FULL charge , not half.
        Oil and gas are on borrowed time. If it were not for GM doing some really bad things in 1990 we would already be driving EVs. Not this time. Too may companies like TotalAutomationWorks and Tesla are going to make this happen. Karma is a bitch GM!

  • ned_plimpton

    Wow. So they used a BMW i3 plug-in hybrid versions to drive around and shoot this video, because they knew it would be inconvenient to do so in the pure EV version. Then edited the video to make it look like they were inconvenienced.


  • Bill Williams

    Toyota has lost my support and respect forever! DONE!

  • Dave_SRQ

    Let’s see how long until Toyota realizes this advertisement was a dumb idea and decides to remove it from the web.

  • Dr Zook

    I have owned 5 Lexus cars, but no more, I’m done. I’m not sure what they are trying to prove. Maybe they are taking hints from the recent political adds. SAD