GKN Automotive launches new electric drive systems

GKN Automotive, a maker of electric driveline technology, has launched three families of electric drive systems, each of which integrates an electric motor and inverter with a single-speed transmission module.

GKN Automotive’s Family 2 eDrive offers peak torque of 1,800 to 2,700 Nm, and is suitable for A-, B-, and C-segment applications. The company’s Family 3 eDrive offers peak torque of 2,700 to 4,100 Nm and is suitable for C- and D-segment vehicles. The company’s Family 4 eDrive offers peak torque of 4,100 to 5,800 Nm for D-segment and large vehicle applications.

Hannes Prenn, COO of GKN Automotive ePowertrain, said, “This next phase of our electrification strategy will produce the highly integrated, modular, scalable architectures required for high-volume vehicle applications. Standardizing these systems will make electrification more affordable, and will enable OEMs to offer consumers highly optimized e-mobility at the right price.”

Source: GKN Automotive

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