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GM will use NI’s SystemLink software in battery engineering process

GM is planning to use software from battery testing specialist NI to reach its Vision Zero goals: zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion.

At the opening keynote of the NI Connect 2022 conference in Austin, GM Director of Battery Cell Engineering Steve Tarnowsky talked about how the company is planning to reach the goals, the importance of batteries for its plans, its Ultium EV platform, and how it is working together with NI. GM plans to have about $35 billion invested in EVs and AVs by 2025, and has big plans to scale up EV production.

Testing and manufacturing batteries produces enormous amounts of data. To manage this mountain, GM will use a long-term solution based on NI’s SystemLink software platform, which Tarnowsky said helps to reduce risk, perform engineering work more efficiently and provides the fastest time to those insights and decisions. “We’re working with NI on a long-term sustainable solution that allows us to connect all the battery test data to quickly develop the insights that we need,” said Tarnowsky. “The solution must be secure, must be scalable, and it needs to be open.”

Tarnowsky added that NI’s SystemLink will provide data security through secure storage and controlling access, scalability through the maximization of automation and openness through some open-source software. The system is built with 80% commercial off-the-shelf technology, allowing GM’s engineers to use open-source systems, different databases and programming languages for the customization needed to analyze data quickly.

Source: NI


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