GBatteries says its AI-powered protocol can charge an EV in 5 minutes

GBatteries has launched an AI-powered charging protocol designed to charge conventional Li-ion batteries as quickly as a car can be filled with gasoline. The company says its system can charge a 60 kWh EV pack to 119 miles of range in 5 minutes.

Operating at the intersection of artificial intelligence, electrochemistry, signal processing, and high-power electronics, GBatteries claims that it is the only demonstrated technology that can ultra-fast charge Li-ion batteries without compromising battery life or changing the battery’s chemistry.

GBatteries has developed and tested the charging algorithm over the past six years. In addition to the algorithm, the protocol also includes control methodologies and hardware.

The company has partnered with Ravens Racing, a Carleton University club that designs, builds and races Formula SAE (previously known as the Society of Automotive Engineers) vehicles, to revive the team’s Formula SAE electric program.

Beginning this summer, GBatteries and Ravens Racing, a Carleton University club that builds and races Formula SAE vehicles, are partnering to revive to kick start development of a new electric race car. GBatteries’s specialized technology will be integrated into Ravens Racing’s new vehicle, making it the first scaled-up application of the charging protocol.

Source: GBatteries

  • danwat1234

    ?. It is possible to charge a lithium ion battery in 5 minutes by using pulsing or ramping charging cycles? I hope it’s true but seems unlikely. Could some fast chargers adopt this algorithm with a software patch if they license it?

    • Jack D


    • The Mogget

      No. There is some fancy hardware involved, that plays with the voltage constantly that other chargers don’t do. You could rip out the guts of a charger and probably fit this stuff into the same housing or Supercharger station, though. In this video, they show charging a dewalt battery, but using the same housing with the guts (and bottom half of the housing) ripped out.

  • jstack6

    That is a lot of Power being use all at once for a very short time. The GRID could have Brown outs and Black outs with that type of very intermittent loads.

    • Lance Pickup

      Any kind of fast charging technology, whether this kind of thing, or even a site with 8 350kW ultra fast chargers, is going to have to rely on battery backup, unless it happens to be located directly adjacent to a power plant!

    • Jack D

      BZzzZzzrtttttbiybitbitbzzzzzzzzzzt POp PIK crackle crackle PIK!

  • yulong zhu

    so many technicians are working hard to push the technology. EV trend really come. Thanks to globalization, different institute and corporation can work and competitive together to bring us more advanced, more cheaper, more glorious era.