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Five NATO countries field-test Epsilor 6T Li-ion battery as lead-acid replacement in military vehicles

Epsilor, a developer and manufacturer of mobile energy products for defense and aerospace, showcased the latest version of its 6T NATO-standard Li-ion battery at the recent International Armoured Vehicles show in London.

Industrial clients and armed forces in five NATO nations are currently performing field tests on the 6T. The Israeli Defense Forces recently completed a 12-month evaluation of the Epsilor 6T in various climate and field conditions.

Epsilor’s Li-ion product line is intended to replace traditional lead-acid batteries. Designed as a drop-in replacement for next-generation armored vehicles, the 6T boasts four times the energy and half the weight of similarly sized lead-acid batteries.

Epsilor currently offers the 6T as a 4,300 Wh battery, and is developing a LiFePO4 2,000 Wh version.


Source: Epsilor via Green Car Congress 


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