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Evolute Drives seeks investors to commercialize hybrid/EV transmissions


The UK firm Evolute Drives is seeking investors to help commercialize its MSYS multi-speed transmission system for hybrids and EVs.

According to Evolute, its MSYS transmission allows a vehicle’s traction motor to be smaller and more efficient by running it in a more power-efficient regime. Single-speed drives require the motors to have a high speed range in order to allow low-speed maneuvering as well as high-speed highway cruising. Running the motor at a lower speed can reduce power consumption by 10-15%, says the company.

Whereas traditional automatic transmissions use power to hold clutches closed, the MSYS shift technology is designed to provide a seamless shift, without requiring power to hold the vehicle in gear, as the system latches once the shift is completed.

Evolute Drives

MSYS is initially aimed at the premium market segment, but the company is also developing products suitable for higher-volume vehicles.

“The German carmakers in particular, which tend to be global leaders in automotive technology development, are already expressing a keen interest in our high-efficiency transmission for hybrid and electric vehicles,” said Managing Director Alex Tylee-Birdsall. “OEM success in electric and hybrid vehicles has emerged very clearly around premium-level vehicles. That’s why we’ve aimed initially at these early adopters of electric vehicle technology. Licensing to higher-volume mainstream vehicle manufacturers will follow.”

“With global patents now secured, our three-year funding requirement will cover the ongoing costs of protecting our intellectual property while demonstrating the technology to vehicle manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers,” said Tylee-Birdsall. “The investment will help us to design, test and validate MSYS for specific applications, so that it can be licensed to vehicle OEMs and their manufacturing partners for high-volume series production.”


Source: Evolute Drives via Green Car Congress


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