Eviation and Kokam announce electric aircraft battery supply deal

Eviation Aircraft, a manufacturer of electric aircraft (profiled in the July/August 2017 issue of Charged), and South Korean battery manufacturer Kokam have entered into a battery supply deal valued at $1 million. Kokam batteries will be used to power EViation’s all-electric Alice aircraft, which is scheduled to fly by the end of this year.

Alice, which made its debut at the Paris Air Show last June, uses a 900 kWh battery pack provided by Kokam, and will be capable of carrying up to 9 passengers up to 650 miles.

Kokam’s battery solutions feature specific energy of 260 Wh/kg, and have been used in aerial, ground and underwater drone applications.


Source: Eviation Aircraft

  • mipak

    Not especially high energy density. Many are over 500 Wh/kg now. And in not too many years that will be 2,500 Wh/kg and when that happens the Jet age is over and done.

    • Marc-Aurel Evers

      package or cell-level density? There’s a difference, especially if you consider flight safety.

    • Joe

      I think you are confusing Wh/kg with Wh/L
      260 Wh/kg is really good. Tesla’s NCA is about 240 Wh/kg at cell level.

  • Norton

    This will NEVER be a flight-worthy design. EV enthusiast do not make Aeronautical Engineers.
    How would this airplane rotate for take off? How would it flare for landing?

    You never place an engine at a wing tip. One engine could not be used if the other failed due to off center line thrust.

    And the old logic game: With two engines/motors you get twice the chance of an engine failure.
    Especially if the airplane can not be flown on the one remaining ‘Wing Tip Engine’.