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EV sales in Canada up 32% in 2015

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It’s still a bit of a mystery why we Americans fell behind in EV sales in 2015. While US plug-in sales fell short compared to 2014 (a trend that has happily now reversed), sales in Europe almost doubled. Up north in Canada, sales also grew, by 32% compared to 2014 (actually a slower rate of increase than the 67% of the previous two years).

According to FleetCarma, northern auto buyers purchased 6,933 plug-in vehicles last year, bringing the total Canadian plug-in fleet to 18,451. Historically the Canadian market has been pretty evenly split between EVs and PHEVs, but battery EVs are pulling ahead – 10,034 of the current fleet are BEVs.

Part of this may be due to sagging Volt sales. The Volt was the best-selling plug-in in Canada even though sales were down 8% compared to 2014. As in the US, Chevy’s EREV seems to be a victim of its own success. Anticipation for the greatly improved second-gen Volt caused sales of the previous model to peter out.

In second place was the Nissan LEAF, and in third was the Tesla Model S, which saw Canadian sales balloon by 137% for the year.

As is the case south of the line, plug-in sales in Canada vary greatly from one region to the next. Quebec continues to be the most plugged-in province, with some 46% of the entire Canadian EV market. British Columbia is another hotspot. Since renewing a provincial rebate, BC has seen a huge increase in sales, and now leads the country on a per capita basis.

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Source: FleetCarma

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