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Euro Manganese’s metal validated for Nano One’s cathode production process

Battery materials company Euro Manganese has announced that pilot plant samples of its HPEMM manganese metal have been validated as feedstock for battery cathode specialist Nano One’s One-Pot and M2CAM cathode production technologies.

The samples were produced at the Chvaletice Manganese Project in the Czech Republic.

“Euro Manganese’s production process, which has the flexibility to produce both a high-purity manganese metal product as well as a high-purity manganese sulfate product, allows us to adapt to meet demand from this important cost and environmentally beneficial process developed by Nano One,” says Euro Manganese CEO Dr. Matthew James. “We look forward to commissioning our larger demonstration plant at our Chvaletice site in Q4 2022.”

Nano One’s One-Pot and M2CAM technologies support the production of cathode materials directly from metals and lithium carbonate, according to Euro Manganese.

“This strategy eliminates capital and environmentally intensive chemical conversion steps, eliminates large volumes of wasteful by-product and aligns us with legislation in North America and Europe to fast-track battery supply chains from secure and readily available sources of critical minerals,” says Nano One CEO Dan Blondal.

Source: Euro Manganese

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