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Elkem’s Chinese workshop dedicated to specialized silicones for EVs

Elkem has opened a new production workshop in Shanghai, dedicated to the development and manufacturing of specialized silicones for EVs.

Elkem tells us that an EV contains an average of four times more silicone than a legacy car. Silicone is a key component in airbags, cables, hoses and tires, and Elkem is a supplier to several EV producers.

Elkem develops and produces EV silicone solutions such as BLUESIL and CAF, which are designed to provide electrical integrity (durability, insulation, fire resistance) and electronic component protection (sealing, bonding and potting of parts).

“The cars of the future will be powered by electricity and built and protected with silicone,” said VP Frederic Jacquin. “Our new workshop, Delta 2, is the latest of our investments to illustrate that commitment.”

Elkem says its first production batch has been completed, and meets all quality specifications.

Elkem is also supplying silicon products to EV manufacturers, and the company is positioning itself to supply battery materials to the battery industry and EV market through its Northern Recharge project.

Source: Elkem


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