Electric GT Championship brings a modified Model S to the racetrack

Fans of electric racing have long wished for a chance to see what Tesla’s Model S can do on the track. In a few short months, they will get that chance, when the Electric GT (EGT) Championship kicks off with a double-header at Circuit Paul Ricard in France on November 25-26.

The inaugural season is scheduled to continue with races in Portugal, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Spain (dates and other details are yet to be announced). Each round will be a one-day event consisting of two races, with the grids decided during a 60-minute qualifying session.

In contrast to Formula E, EGT will use classic racetracks and existing infrastructure.

The race car is based on the Model S P100DL. Some 500 kg (1,100 lbs) of weight has been removed, and downforce has been increased by the addition of a front splitter and a rear wing. Double steel wishbone pushrod operated suspension and dual circuit, single pedal hydraulic race brakes have also been added. The racer can reach 100 km/h in 2.1 seconds, three-tenths quicker than the production car.

“We are very happy that Paul Ricard will host the first two EGT events in November,” said Electric GT Championship CEO Mark Gemmell. “They have demonstrated a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the championship and it will be a fantastic festival for sustainability that fans are certain to enjoy.”


Source: Electric GT Championship, AutoblogGreen


  • Vincent Wolf

    Why not just make the race tracks from Stainless Steel then embed powerful Neodymium
    magnets in the bottom of the battery pack and then no spoiler is needed and incredible G’s would be possible in cornering forces making for far faster racing than in conventional gas driven spoiler cars (like an Indy 500 car).

    This is how slot car tracks work (especially 1:64 scale Viper cars) and they reach speeds over 2,000 scale mph and unheard of 500-1000 mph SHARP radius turns.

    Zoom zoom.

    Gas cars are so boring. They only thing that keeps interest in them is spectacular explosions when their ignitable fuel blows up in crashes and the god awful noise they make.

    When looked at from above gas racers are sooooo slow it’s nauseating.

    • Glenn Marks

      Stainless steel is not attracted by magnets!

    • QKodiak

      You do realize that real-life doesn’t work that way because technology often doesn’t scale up well, requiring exponentially more energy and FAR more robust parts. Keep the front splitter and spoiler and adding a hidden fan to suck the car to the track would be more viable.

  • dogphlap dogphlap

    Just in case anyone is confused by the video. It is for the earlier 85kWh battery, rear wheel drive version of the Model S, hence the slower 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds. The text is for the current spec P100DL. I’m intrigued to learn how this race series will fare over the next few years and I wish them luck.