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DuPont ICS to introduce new laminate adhesive system for electronics

DuPont Interconnect Solutions (ICS) plans to introduce its Pyralux HP laminate adhesive system for high-performance electronics at the upcoming Institute for Printed Circuits (IPC) APEX Exposition in San Diego. The system is part of the Pyralux product line and will be available for the telecommunications, networking, medical, industrial, military and aerospace markets.

The IPC-certified Pyralux HP laminate adhesive system is epoxy-based, and was designed for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers and automakers. According to DuPont, “the Pyralux HP laminate adhesive system possesses robust processability while maintaining excellent electrical performance to optimize signal integrity in demanding and extreme environment PCB applications.” The company also says the product can be processed at lower temperatures, which provides PCB designers and producers with a broader range of applications. The adhesive will be available as a sheet adhesive or a coverlay, and can be used in multi-layer flex and rigid-flex applications.

“Our innovation in offering the widest array of PCB construction options is driving vehicle speed and reliability—enabling a range of applications from 5G connectivity to autonomous vehicles,” said Global Business Director of DuPont ICS Films and Laminates Andy Kannurpatti.

Source: DuPont


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