Danfoss Editron obtains marine certification for motors and frequency converters in China

Danfoss Editron has obtained the final type approval certificate for its synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet motors and frequency converters from the China Classification Society (CCS).

“Electrification plays an increasingly important role in the green promotion of ships,” said a senior-level surveyor of the China Classification Society. “The type approval of this product can help customers reduce costs and improve sustainability. This approval also proves the requirements of China Classification Society for standardized product inspection and shows our determination to promote green shipping and classification services.”

“Electric propulsion will become more and more popular in shipping. At present, port emission regulations are increasingly strict. As an influencer of the market, our products and solutions have become innovative leaders in today’s maritime market. Therefore, it is particularly important to find more efficient products, and we hope that these green ship technologies can become the standard of China’s new energy ship industry electrification,” said Chao Wang, Danfoss Editron’s Head of Off-Highway and Marine in China.

Source: Danfoss Editron