Dana to design drivetrain for Mecalac’s electric excavator

Auto tech specialist Dana has been working to create a drivetrain for the Mecalac e12 electric compact wheeled excavator. The vehicle will use Mecalac’s 12MTX as a base frame, Spicer 112 axles and a Spicer 367 shift-on-fly transmission. The e12 will be equipped with a 146 kWh LiFePO4 battery pack that can charge in seven hours and last for eight.

Electric excavators could change how construction is performed, as they can be used indoors. Many companies are rushing to grab hold of this emerging market.

“As the European construction market embraces the trend toward zero-emission standards for small to mid-sized vehicles, our customers are demanding great strides in efficiency while also requiring reliable performance. Dana was able to adapt the 12MTX drivetrain to add electric drive capabilities within our existing vehicle architecture. With their technical expertise and open collaboration, we developed an optimal solution and accelerated the delivery of this vehicle to market,” says Mecalac tech manager Jean-Baptiste Rousseau.


Source: Dana via Green Car Congress

  • mipak

    Just what I need around the house. Probably cost me more than my house is worth too.

    • Annika Blauwasser

      I have been driving an electric vehicle for 5 years now. Zero maintenance costs except for tire rotations and windshield wiper replacements. These vehicles will pay for themselves with dramatically reduced maintenance costs, much less down-time, decreased operator fatigue, etc.

  • Dennis Worley

    It needs massive hubmotors!

  • Ormond Otvos

    These are great for renovations with a basement or wine cellar. No exhaust noise or dangerous smelly fumes!