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Cummins to offer electrified powertrains in 2019


Cummins executives have outlined plans to add hybrid and fully electric powertrains to the company’s range of offerings. The delivery of battery-electric and plug-in hybrid systems, which is to begin in 2019, will be just the first step, they said – the company intends to be the leading provider of electrified powertrains in its commercial and industrial markets.

With an eye on the longer term, Cummins’ R&D department continues to investigate alternatives such as biofuels, synthetic fuels and hydrogen. Cummins has also invested in exploratory projects focused on Proton Exchange Membrane and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technologies, which it says have the potential to offer superior power density over the legacy internal combustion engine.

“As a global power leader for the commercial and industrial markets, we are better positioned than any other company to win in new and emerging technologies,” said Cummins CEO Tom Linebarger. “We are prepared to provide a range of power technologies to our customers from diesel and natural gas to fully electric and hybrid powertrains to ensure they always have the best solution for their application.”


Source: Cummins
Image: Carla Wosniak (CC BY 2.0)


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