Colorado moves to join 13 Advanced Clean Car states, automakers howl in protest

As the EPA proceeds to weaken federal emissions standards, Colorado has become the latest state to implement the LEV regulations included in California’s Advanced Clean Car Standards.

Alphabet soup department: The California Air Resources Board (ARB [and sometimes CARB]) adopted the Advanced Clean Cars (ACC) program in 2012. The components of the ACC program are: the Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) regulations, which mandate reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other air pollutants; and the Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) regulation, which requires manufacturers to produce an increasing number of pure EVs. Currently 13 states follow the LEV regulations, and 9 states follow the ZEV regulation.

In Colorado, the LEV standard will require new passenger cars and light trucks sold in 2025 to use 37 percent less fuel and emit 35 percent less GHGs than vehicles sold in 2016.

Pro-EV groups cheered and auto industry groups hissed. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) cited a recent study by Synapse Energy Economics, for the years 2020 through 2035, which predicts that implementing the ACC program would result in “small but positive long-term macroeconomic impacts in Colorado,” including an annual increase of around $72 million in GDP and 1,700 jobs.

Meanwhile, a coalition of trade groups representing automakers, Colorado auto dealers and trucking firms has published a web site called The Colorado Way to make its case against the new regulations. According to the site, adoption of the LEV standards could include a mandate to require that 15 percent of vehicles sold in the state be electric cars (the LEV standards do not appear to specifically require that automakers sell EVs – they only mandate reductions in emissions).

The Colorado Way notes that Colorado already offers a $5,000 tax credit for EV purchases, and argues that “now is not the right time” to tighten standards. To its credit, the group does offer some constructive suggestions, such as converting the tax credit into a point of sale rebate, establishing non-monetary EV incentives such as reduced tolls, and establishing a tax credit for EVSE.


Source: Medium, Natural Resources Defense Council

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  • freedomev

    Boy that must frost big auto’s, republican’s butz.
    Way to go Colorado!

    • plutocrat03

      Yeah dump on the people who can’t afford those expensive cars

      • freedomev

        Why do you lie like that? Fact is anyone that can afford a car can afford a used or new EV.
        Good used EVs can be had for under $10k now.
        Fact is poor people can’t afford not to have an economical to run EV.
        Personally I’m very poor from medical costs and my 100+ mile range EV Trike pickups and subcars only cost $1/day for all costs.
        And only cost $500 for me to make, included in the $1/day over 4 yrs.
        Please tell me of any motor vehicle that costs less?
        Much less one that tows a 14′ trailer loaded with plywood, 2x4s, etc. I’ve built 2 homes and a garage with it along with moving many things.
        Yes EVs are terrible for poor people, Not!

        • plutocrat03

          The 10k ones have unusable range with slow chargingand no network to recharge at a reasonable rate. Cute a commuter car but in no way a family car

          No more ne else will build their own car like you. Your toy passes no FMVSS tests and is a death trap driving among conventional vehicles, much less trucks.

          Eve could be a good thing for poor people if they were real vehicles and they could afford one. Too much tax support for people buying 100K cars

          • freedomev

            Oh my ignorant one, forgets the Volt and most of the others have very usable range. ;^) The few with degraded range, like gas one with a bad motor, you don’t buy. But I guess you are not smart enough to figure that out.
            Actually it is a safety MC and does passes all required tests. And as unusual Trike pickup or subcar shortly everyone is looking at me making it about the safest on the road.
            So I guess the poor, etc can’t ride MCs, bikes, etc as too dangerous? Only pricey cars using pricey gasoline, repairs, etc that keep them poor is good enough?
            Does your brain understand ICEs cost 500% more to run than an EV? Is that helpful to the poor, choosing gas or food??
            And you seem to have no problem with YOUR 20% higher income taxes, higher insurance, military, etc cost subsidies, corporate welfare for FFs, gasoline, diesel.
            What’s up with that ignorant one? You like being screwed by big oil?
            Why do you obviously hate EVs so much you come here and lie? And show everyone how ignorant you are?
            That sounds like a personal problem you need to have checked out.
            And the EVPhotoAlbum alone is filled with over 1k people who like build their own
            EVs. ;^)
            Have a nice day.

      • bytrain

        Cars built in compliance with these regulations will actually save their owners money because the cost of the engine controls necessary to decrease pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are less than the fuel savings that result from improved efficiency/fuel economy.

  • Dennis Worley

    NZ has NO EV incentives as far as I know!
    Shame on us.

  • Michael Walsh

    The sooner the fossil fuel minded executives in the corporate boardrooms of US automakers realize that ICE vehicles represent only short term profits– and that they need to get moving on aggressive EV development or get annihilated in about 5 years… the better. Fall behind and everything will be that much more difficult to catch up.

  • mipak

    It’s a shame Utah is far removed from the politics of Colorado. Utah is sold on coal thanks to Rocky Mountain Power which is a sham for wasteful production of CO2 burning coal forevermore. Luckily that the sun shines really well in Utah so homeowners can mostly ditch RMP. And save a lot of money in the process.

    • rgeniec

      Or the opposite. California is an embarrassment. I have lived here 51 years…I know.

      • TheOtherPaul

        So in 51 years you are embarrassed but haven’t thought of moving?

      • bytrain

        I’m sure that the 5th largest economy in the world would continue to prosper without you, while still working to protect the air we breathe and the water we drink. And creating great green economy jobs in the process.

  • Terry Robb

    The big automakers are in constant decision process because the continued increase of EV sales. Also as Tesla improves in production the other automakers know they have to change. I think once the tesla battery factory is complete Tesla production could be twice as much compared to what Tesla is doing today. EVs are easier to make compared to all that is involved with making a gas car

  • Jim Stack

    Arizona used to be a Clean Car State but it is the only one to cancel it. The ADEQ Arizona Department of Environmental Quality canceled it. We voted to keep it but that over rode us. They were and are controlled by the Auto Dealers so yes they are Frosted at dealers and automakers by World changing TESLA !