Trump administration prepares to roll back vehicle emissions and efficiency standards


This week, the Trump administration is expected to officially announce that it will re-examine the vehicle emissions and efficiency goals that automakers agreed to in 2010, with an eye to weakening the standards.

In public statements and advertising, automakers tout their commitments to expanding electrification, improving fuel efficiency and fighting climate change but, as previously reported in Charged and elsewhere, their actions behind the scenes have been radically different. Through their trade groups, automakers have been steadily lobbying the US government (as well as Chinese authorities) to water down emissions and fuel efficiency standards and other measures that have saved consumers millions in fuel costs, and driven the growth of the EV industry.

As the Union of Concerned Scientists points out, despite claims that strong standards were too difficult to achieve, automakers have in fact exceeded their regulatory targets, developing technologies – including improved compression ratios, more efficient engines, eight- and nine-speed transmissions, innovative new materials and start-stop systems – that weren’t even anticipated when the standards were written.

According to the UCS, since the current fuel economy standards came into effect, US consumers have saved nearly $57 billion on gasoline. By 2030, existing standards are projected to create some 650,000 American jobs, and eliminate more global warming emissions than virtually any other piece of climate regulation enacted to date.

Let your elected leaders know where you stand on this issue. Contact information can be found at To find out who represents your district, go to for the House of Representatives and for the Senate.


Source: Union of Concerned Scientists


  • Jason Allen

    Customer satisfaction with the new higher maintenance engines and the busy shifting 8 & 9 speed transmissions is less than pleasing to the manufacturers. We (service techs) are beginning to encounter engine carbon concerns that dissolved when port fuel injection come out. These new technologies are great for auto repair businesses and dismal for the consumer. The market needs to go full electric to solve some of the problems.

  • Darius Anania

    My dollars will go to electric vehicles and companies that support them. End of story!

  • sickofgovwaste

    Government should have no hand in any of this, including oil subsidies. If the free market had been free from cronyism, EVs would have flourished long ago. If you’re going to call your elected officials and complain, tell them to quit taking dirty money from ANY industry or lobbyist.

    • Ed

      Without being on the take, it seems there is no reason why today’s politicians would pursue office.

      • sickofgovwaste

        We, The People, need to start electing statesmen or stateswomen. Problem is, it takes the backing of the “machine” and MONEY to win almost any election today. Sad (and this Supreme Court b.s. about “corporations” having the same rights as people to donate to campaigns is preposterous)!

  • mipak

    Trump is Big Oil’s best friend. You have to wonder how much the Koch Brothers are paying Trump under the table. The FBI should investigate collusion.

    • Ed

      Trump doesn’t need the money, so it must be something else.

  • Roger J. Zamofing

    Absolutely typical reaction from the point of view of dinosaurs. Fortunately that they ended their lifes without further pollution our one and only planet. How greedy must these decision makers be to not see the air pollution e.g. in Chinese Towns or in quite any big city of the world? We have to go on we seriously cutting pollution everywhere and this without saying that battery driven vehicles are really the solution to the problem. By the way NanoFlowcell a Swiss-Liechtenstein company works successfully on a 48 Volt low voltage solution (e.g. Porsche instead wants to go for terrible 800 Volts). The best however with NanoFlowcell there is no need for more and more and new infrastructure, actual gas stations can be refitted to what they call bi-ION – a liquid energy storage medium which is termal safe and ENVIRONMENTALLY compatible. It seems to be the first environmentally friendly mobile energy source that conserves resources and is harmless to health. This will radically change how we look now for electric mobility and this really will change the game not in the “Age of Disruption”, where most politicians are asked to be stupid and dumb, best with the mental age of 6 years old kids in front of the sweets at the cash register. In fact I better liked Donald from Walt Disney – at least he was not destroying everything just for money and manipulation power against any common sense.