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Celgard to supply separators for American Battery Factory’s LFP cells

Polypore International subsidiary Celgard has entered into a strategic alliance with American Battery Factory (ABF) to produce LFP batteries. Under the terms of the agreement, Celgard will supply 100% of ABF’s separator needs for LFP battery cells in the US.

“LFP represents an important market, and Celgard dry-process membrane separators offer a high-performance technology solution for this application,” says Polypore Executive VP Lie Shi.

As part of the agreement, Celgard and ABF will share resources to develop next-gen LFP cells and technologies. The companies also plan to study opportunities in the US to increase access to precursor materials for LFP batteries and to boost LFP capacity.

ABF will also study supply opportunities for plastic battery packs and thermal retardant materials that may help the LFP industry.

Celgard says Polypore parent company Asahi Kasei may also use its manufacturing capabilities to assist the LFP supply chain.

Source: Celgard


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