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CATL warrants its new EV battery to last for a million miles or 15 years

More bad news for the ubiquitous anti-EV trolls: the million-mile EV battery is in sight. Chinese battery supplier CATL and bus maker Yutong have partnered to launch an EV battery that’s warranted to last 1.5 million km (932,000 miles) or 15 years.

The new battery pack is designed to power commercial EVs such as buses and trucks. Yutong says the new pack, which it plans to use in upcoming EVs, exhibits zero degradation through the first 1,000 cycles.

Yutong’s buses are sold in over 40 countries, including Italy, France, the UK, Spain and Qatar. CATL’s batteries are used by Tesla, Ford, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes, Kia, Toyota and other automakers. According to SNE Research, the company almost doubled its sales in the US and Europe last year.

There’s more: in January, CATL said it would reduce the cost of LFP battery cells by 50% by the middle of this year.

Sources: CnEVPost, Electrek


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