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Canada invests $30 million to research new automotive technologies

Canada (Nicolas Raymond)

The Government of Canada has awarded $30 million ($29 million US) to 10 university-industry partnerships to research new automotive technologies. Industry and other partners have committed an additional $22 million to the projects, which were selected through the Automotive Partnership Canada (APC) initiative.

The largest of these awards is $8.9 million to a partnership between Chrysler and McMaster University for the development of next-generation electrified powertrains.

Some of the projects have indirect applications to the EV field – several have to do with aluminum and magnesium alloys and lightweight fiber composites – and a couple of them are EV-specific.

The École Polytechnique de Montréal and Clariant will receive $5.3 million to develop a new melt-synthesis process for the manufacturing of C-LiFePO4 for automotive applications. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are considered promising for EVs because of their long lifetimes, high power density and safety advantages.

A partnership that includes McMaster University, Ford, an electric utility and several transport-related agencies will receive $1.8 million for a study entitled “The Social Costs and Benefits of Electric Mobility in Canada.”

Find the full list of awards here.


Source: APC via Green Car Congress


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