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BorgWarner develops exhaust heat recovery system for hybrids and PHEVs

Auto tech specialist BorgWarner has developed an exhaust heat recovery system (EHRS) for hybrids and PHEVs that’s designed to reduce engine warm-up time. Because the EHRS reduces the time an engine is running cold, it also reduces emissions and can increase fuel economy by up to 8.5%, according to BorgWarner. Production will begin later this year.

The EHRS uses an exhaust gas recirculation system and a waste heat recovery system in order to vent exhaust gas through a heat exchanger and warm a vehicle’s fluids. The system is dependent on a low-pressure valve that carefully controls combustion temperatures.

“Until a cold engine reaches its optimal operating temperature, it is much less fuel-efficient and generates higher emissions, which is one of the challenges to master for upcoming emissions regulations. Our EHRS minimizes engine heat-up time, helping automakers around the globe meet new and more stringent regulations. With the EHRS, BorgWarner serves the growing demand for highly efficient solutions to reduce emissions, and strengthens its position as a leading supplier of clean technologies,” says BorgWarner President and GM Joe Fadool.


Source: BorgWarner


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