Bolloré launches BlueLA electric car sharing service in Los Angeles

Blue indy 1

The Bolloré Group, which operates all-electric car sharing services in Indianapolis and several European cities, plans to expand to Los Angeles.

The new BlueLA service is scheduled to open in 2017. It will start off with 200 public charging points and 100 EVs. No details are on offer at this time, so we don’t know whether the service will use Bolloré’s own Bluecar, which is built by Renault and features solid-state batteries made by another Bolloré division.

BlueLA plans to focus on disadvantaged communities. It will initially be available in Westlake, Pico Union, portions of Koreatown, areas north of USC, and parts of Downtown Los Angeles.


Source: The Bolloré Group

  • Electric Bill

    As a resident of L.A. and an EV driver, this is good news—- I only hope that the hundreds of charging stations they mention will not be restricted to use by those companies, but can also be accessed by private drivers. There are far too few charging stations in L.A. for all the Teslas, Leafs, Fiat 500e’s, Bolts, etc., running around the city… Teslas are no longer a big deal to see around here, and that’s a good thing.

  • jstack6

    They should come to Phoenix next. I’ve heard their battery has to keep warm and PHX would be the perfect places. Others have big problems with the HEAT .

  • EVman

    I can’t wait to try it out. Orange county too?

  • Electric Bill

    I live on L.A., and have been seeing a much-needed increase in public charging stations in the area north of the USC campus. Today I saw a charging station on Adams Blvd. for the first time— next to the big AAA headquarters on Adams and Figueroa; there are two more level 2 stations in AAA’s parking lot that are only available during business hours. Those two are free, and have been available for about two years now, as I recall.

    There is a Level 2 station across the street West of the USC campus on Vermont, and “free” 24-hr. charging in the parking lot behind Hueros Mexican eatery, at Figueroa and 30th St… it is free to charge, but it is expected that you will patronize the facility while eating there. I have charged all of my vehicles there on various occasions, but have only seen two others charge there so far– more students need to know where they are located.

    It is very encouraging to see them, knowing that when students see the charging stations in the area they will encourage lots of them to get EVs.

  • bytrain

    I note that the Bluecar is on the State’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project eligibility list: