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The facts about recent electric bus fires in France

False or misleading posts about EV fires flood the internet on a daily basis. The latest spurious sensation was a natural gas-powered bus that caught fire in Italy—a video of the catastrophic conflagration was posted online, and within hours, it had travelled around the world and back again, falsely described as an EV fire. In… Read more »

Bolloré brings electric car sharing to Los Angeles

Blue Solutions, a division of the Bolloré group of France, has partnered with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to deploy 100 electric cars and 200 EV chargers on the streets of LA starting this year. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the opening of a demonstration station, which will be used for community outreach and drive… Read more »

Bolloré launches BlueLA electric car sharing service in Los Angeles

The Bolloré Group, which operates all-electric car sharing services in Indianapolis and several European cities, plans to expand to Los Angeles. The new BlueLA service is scheduled to open in 2017. It will start off with 200 public charging points and 100 EVs. No details are on offer at this time, so we don’t know… Read more »

Electric car sharing service opens in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is becoming something of an EV hotspot. The all-electric car sharing service BlueIndy opened for business this week. BlueIndy is owned by the Bolloré Group, a French conglomerate that operates car sharing services in several other cities, including the successful Autolib in Paris. The new car sharing service uses the Bluecar, a two-door hatchback… Read more »

Bolloré’s electric Bluecar, with novel solid-state batteries, coming to London

Electric car-sharing service Autolib has become a hit in Paris and two other French cities since its 2011 launch, and now boasts a fleet of over 3,500 EVs. Corporate parent the Bolloré Group also has a fleet of electric Bluebuses operating on Parisian streets, and has been working on bringing electric car sharing to Indianapolis… Read more »

Bolloré to build nationwide charging network in France

Groupe Bolloré, the French conglomerate that operates electric car-sharing services in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Indianapolis, has won government backing for a charging network across France. Bolloré plans to invest 150 million euros ($172 million) to install 16,000 Level 2 chargers over the next four years. Subscribers will be able to reserve time slots at… Read more »

France to build nationwide EV charging network, phase out diesel cars

French industrial giant Bolloré plans to invest 150 million euros over the next four years to build a network of 16,000 public charging points across the country. Economy and Finance Minister Emmanuel Macron said that Bolloré may be granted tax relief for installing the charging stations on public highways. “Through a private initiative with public… Read more »

Bolloré launches all-electric car sharing service in Indianapolis

The Bolloré Group will invest $35 million in Indianapolis for what it says will be the largest electric car sharing service in the US. The BlueIndy service is based on Bolloré’s existing Autolib’ in Paris, and its similar offerings in Lyon and Bordeaux. French industrial conglomerate Bolloré partnered with Italian car designer Pininfarina to build… Read more »

Bolloré subsidiary to manage London’s charging network

Transport for London (TfL) has selected IER, a subsidiary of the France-based Bolloré Group, take over the management of Source London, the capital’s EV charging network. IER will be responsible for all back office functions, working from its UK offices, and plans to work with new and existing Source London partners to expand the network… Read more »

EVs for share or rent?

The world’s transportation ecosystem has hundreds of species of vehicles, each one adapted to the requirements of its particular niche. Some niches are clearly well-suited to EVs, and others are probably not. Urban delivery trucks, which typically make route-based journeys from a central depot and consume a lot of diesel fuel, can quickly recoup an… Read more »