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BMW to open facility for demonstrating and analyzing Li-ion cell production

BMW plans to open a Cell Manufacturing Competence Centre (CCMC) in the fall of 2022 to demonstrate and study lithium-ion cell production.

Located in Parsdorf, Germany, the CCMC will develop a pilot line for battery cell production in stages. At the beginning, systems for electrode production will be installed and run, graphite and nickel oxides for electrodes will be measured and mixed, and metal foils coating and final compression will be tested. The second stage will include the installation of systems for cell assembly and formation, electrode and sub-component processing to form cells, and quality checks on the cells. The company expects the first two stages to be complete in about one year and says the facility will include photovoltaic systems on the roof for producing electricity, and chargers in the parking garage.

BMW also expects the pilot line to inform its future suppliers. According to the company, the pilot line will “enable future suppliers to produce cells to the BMW Group’s own specifications and thereby further optimize battery cell production with regard to quality, output and costs. The company is currently ruling out the option of establishing its own large-scale battery cell production.”

“The BMW Group will produce battery cell samples at this site for the next generation of battery technology for use in the Neue Klasse [a BMW EV architecture],” the company said.

Source: BMW


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