BMW 330e iPerformance plug-in hybrid arrives this summer

BMW 330e iPerformance

BMW is steadily introducing new electrified models. The latest is a plug-in version of its popular 3 Series sedan. The BMW 330e iPerformance uses various aspects of the company’s eDrive technology that were developed for the i3 and i8.

The new e-Beemer sports a four-cylinder gas engine with 180 hp of power and 215 lb-ft of peak torque; an 87 hp electric motor; and a 7.6 kWh (5.7 kWh usable) lithium-ion battery that’s mounted flat in a crash-safe position underneath the load compartment.

The electric motor supplements the power from the engine with 74 lb-ft of torque, and can deliver a brief extra boost of up to 184 lb-ft.

BMW 330e iPerformance

Total system output is 248 hp, propelling the 330e from 0 to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds en route to a top speed of 140 mph (75 mph in electric mode). Electric range is around 14 miles.

An eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission with shift paddles affects both drive systems, which is designed to lower the mechanical and thermal loads on the electric motor and extend its life. This also means that a torque converter is not required, which partially cancels out the extra weight of the electric drive unit.

The integration of the high-voltage battery under the load compartment gives the 330e a level load compartment floor, and allows split rear seat backrests to be used for more cargo space. Combined trunk capacity is 13 cubic feet.

The BMW 330e iPerformance is scheduled to arrive at US dealers this summer, starting at $44,695 (including destination and handling).


Source: BMW USA

  • Deborah Marie

    GOOD OUTPUT 🙂 5.9 SEC !!!!!!!! DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT !!!!!!!!!!

  • JP

    Might be here sooner, but THIS is what beemer wants to sell you instead of a Model 3? At a $10k mark-up?

    • Black Terminal

      This wasnt made to go head to head against a Tesla. Its to stand on its own Merits.

  • nordlyst

    Yet another pointless “plug-in” from Munich. It needs at least double the battery capacity to deserve being considered a real plug-in vehicle. Why the hell do we give tax breaks for this BS???