Audi plans 5 more e-tron models for China


Audi and its Chinese partner the FAW Group have crafted a new strategic growth plan that calls for expanding the line-up of models produced in China, including electrified vehicles.

In the next five years, Audi and FAW plan to produce five additional e-tron models for the Chinese market, including pure EVs with ranges of more than 500 kilometers (311 miles). Beginning this year, Audi will sell two plug-in hybrid models in China: the locally produced A6 L e-tron, and the imported Q7 e-tron.

“China is the leading market worldwide for electric mobility. With our e-tron initiative, we want to create a compelling premium offer of products and services here,” says Dietmar Voggenreiter, Board Member for Sales and Marketing.

Audi Research & Development center in BeijingAudi Research & Development center in Beijing


Source: Audi

  • Longtimber

    Anyone know guess or know which Battery Chem will be deployed by VW/Audi in Asia? BYD and most of China a I believe has been primarily LFP ( Lithium Iron Phosphate )

    • Electric Bill

      The common shorthand for Lithium Iron Phosphate is LiFe PO4. If we have too many acronyms, abbreviations and nicknames floating about, it becomes chaos!

      I have not seen your handle here in this forum before— welcome to the club.

      • Gill Lacey

        I have been working on Battery research for 5 years and I use LFP – for speaking as well as writing. It has never been confused