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Audi plans 5 more e-tron models for China

Audi and its Chinese partner the FAW Group have crafted a new strategic growth plan that calls for expanding the line-up of models produced in China, including electrified vehicles. In the next five years, Audi and FAW plan to produce five additional e-tron models for the Chinese market, including pure EVs with ranges of more… Read more »

Audi unveils Q7 PHEV, R8 EV at Geneva Auto Salon

After years of preparation, Audi brought its first plug-in vehicle, the A3 e-tron, to market in Europe late last year. This week in Geneva, the company unveiled two new plug-in models: the Q7 e-tron quattro diesel plug-in hybrid, and an electric version of the R8 super-sports car. The upgraded Q7 family is based on the… Read more »

A plethora of plug-ins at the Geneva Auto Salon

Plug-in cars seem to have arrived in Europe. At this week’s Geneva Auto Salon, charging posts were to be seen at just about every major automaker’s booth, as EVs and PHEVs were peacefully coexhibited with legacy gas and diesel models. The corded cars were generally not prominently featured, but neither were they hidden away in… Read more »

Audi releases details of 2016 Q7 diesel PHEV

Audi has released some details of the 2016 Q7 crossover, which will be offered in a diesel plug-in hybrid version. The new Q7 is built on the Volkswagen Group’s MLB-Evo platform for large cars with longitudinal engines. Audi says high-tech materials have allowed it to reduce the vehicle’s weight by over 700 pounds compared to… Read more »