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Arteco offers a multipurpose coolant for EVs

Arteco has introduced Freecor EV Multi 10, a coolant for e-motors, power electronics, batteries and other components in fully electric and hybrid cars.

Commercial EVs employ standard combustion engine coolants for thermal control, which are optimized for electric vehicles. Freecor EV Multi 10 is designed specifically as an EV coolant, as it protects motor seals, cools power electronics and works with other vehicle parts. Its organic additive package shields the battery cooling plates, power electronic heat sinks and the combustion engine in hybrids. Freecor EV Multi 10 also reduces the e-motor’s seal wear, leakage and noise, offering lifelong protection, the company said.

“This latest addition completes Arteco’s comprehensive lineup of e-coolants, offering our customers a versatile and reliable solution that meets the thermal management needs of both fully electric and hybrid vehicles,” said Alexandre Moireau, Arteco’s GM.

Source: Arteco

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