Ampcera announces new solid electrolyte technology for solid-state batteries

Ampcera has introduced a low-cost flexible solid electrolyte (SE) membrane technology for solid-state batteries (SSBs). 

Ampcera’s SE membranes can be as thin as 25 microns, offer room temperature lithium ionic conductivity greater than 1 mS/cm, and are stable against a lithium metal anode. According to the company, they would enable solid-state lithium metal batteries with an energy density of 500 Wh/kg. 

Ampcera says its vertically integrated manufacturing model, from materials synthesis to battery cell assembly, offers cost advantages over competing technologies for SSBs, and could reduce the price of SSBs to below $100 per kWh, which is considered the magic number for EVs to economically compete with legacy vehicles.

“We are now expanding our team to scale up this technology and further integrate it in solid-state lithium battery cells,” said Dr. Hui Du, co-founder and CTO of Ampcera. “With increasing profits from sales and additional support from our investors and the US DOE’s SBIR program, Ampcera is committed to accelerating the commercial success of this technology in the coming years.”

Source: Ampcera

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