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AMADA WELD TECH introduces modular resistance welder compacting unit

AMADA WELD TECH has introduced a redesigned wire compacting unit for its line of modular resistance welders that are used for battery power cabling in EVs. Built for stranded wires, the modular compacting unit is designed to provide precise, fast, and reproducible adjustment after electrode exchange. 

This new product replaces the previous open C-frame box type unit with a closed box design. Ball bushes guide the ceramic slide, and a new cross-roller guide facilitates adjustment of the electrode position. 

The redesigned unit can be used for numerous process variants, including single compacting, double compacting, single compacting welding and double compacting welding. It accommodates several unit options, including single closing, right or left, and double closing. The compacting unit also accommodates special wire industry requirements such as inline feeding, top-loading and front-loading.



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