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24M unveils Dual Electrolyte System for next-generation cells

Battery company 24M unveiled its Dual Electrolyte System at the International Battery Seminar & Exhibit last month in Florida. According to 24M, the system permits cells with compositionally distinct electrolytes to be manufactured at scale, enabling next-generation cell chemistries. These cells can provide energy densities exceeding 350 Wh/kg as well as improved cycle life and cost.

The Dual Electrolyte System is based on 24M’s SemiSolid electrode platform, a cell architecture which uses a non-permeable separator to isolate distinct electrolytes and thereby eliminate performance issues stemming from solid-to-solid interfaces.

“Using compositionally distinct electrolytes is a game changer for battery manufacturing and we’ve proven the fundamental technology,” said 24M CEO Rick Feldt. “…the 24M Dual Electrolyte System expands the universe of potential electrolytes, including water and other materials that to-date have not been compatible with both the anode and cathode simultaneously.”

Source: 24M


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