California i3 drivers to receive free DC fast charging through 2015

There’s a battle brewing, and EV drivers are clearly going to be the winners, as BMW becomes the third automaker to regale its customers with free and convenient public fast charging. The ChargeNow DC Fast program, a cooperative effort with NRG eVgo, offers BMW i3 drivers in California unlimited no-cost 30-minute DC fast charging through… Read more »

BMW’s new DC fast charger: smaller, lighter, cheaper

BMW of North America has launched its own DC fast charger. A joint development between BMW and Bosch, the BMW i DC Fast Charger can charge an i3 to 80 percent in 30 minutes. It’s about half the size of most DC chargers (31x19x12 inches), weighs around 100 pounds, and can be mounted on a… Read more »

ABB and Volvo form partnership for bus fast charging

Swiss power and automation group ABB has announced a partnership with Volvo Buses to co-develop and commercialize electric and hybrid buses with open standards-based DC fast charging systems. The partners will develop a standardized system that can charge electric and hybrid buses quickly through an automatic roof-top connection system at bus stops, or through cabled… Read more »

Prototype EVs combine driving strategies and assistance systems to improve range

OpEneR, a European consortium of OEMs, parts suppliers and research institutes, has developed a system that combines driving strategies and driver assistance systems to vastly improve the efficiency and range of EVs by optimizing energy management. Engineers worked to improve the electrical powertrain, regenerative braking system, navigation system and surround sensors, and tested the system… Read more »

Proterra demos electric bus as replacement for Washington DC Circulator fleet

The Washington DC Circulator bus service will soon be replacing its fleet of 49 diesel buses, which dates from 2003, and local transit authorities are organizing one-day showcases so that decision-makers and riders can check out new bus models that will be vying for the contract. South Carolina-based Proterra brought its 40-foot, 77-passenger electric bus… Read more »

Tesla halts production to gear up for Model X

Tesla has halted production at its Fremont, California assembly plant as it prepares to begin cranking out the Model X, and accelerate production of the Model S. A $100-million upgrade will add 25 robots and boost production by 25 percent. “This represents the single biggest investment in the plant since we really started operations and… Read more »

Envia wins $7.7 million contract to develop advanced cathode and anode materials

The US Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC), a collaboration among the Big Three US automakers, has awarded a $7.7-million battery technology development contract to Envia Systems of Newark, California. The competitively bid contract, which is co-funded by the DOE and includes a 50 percent Envia Systems cost-share, is for a 36-month program that will focus on… Read more »

CALEB and CalBattery join forces to develop new silicon-graphene anode battery

CALEB Technology and California Lithium Battery (CalBattery) have agreed to establish a joint venture to produce a new line of high-performance lithium-ion batteries, which will be manufactured in the Los Angeles area starting in 2016. The first generation of batteries will be aimed at the consumer electronics market, but the second generation will also be… Read more »