Alkane and evLabs partner to launch new Class 6 electric truck

Alkane Truck Company and Florida-based evLaboratory have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to integrate evLabs’ powertrain and battery management system with Alkane’s OEM alternative fuel truck chassis.

The first model to market will be a new Class 6 (up to 26,000 GVWR) electric delivery truck for inner-city commerce. The companies envision launching several more Class 4 through Class 7 electric models in the future.

Alkane’s medium- and heavy-duty alternative fueled trucks are shipped to Alkane as knock-down kits from component manufacturers. Alkane tests the components, certifies compliance with DOT truck regulations, and assembles the trucks at a US assembly facility. The trucks are US OEM-compliant, as domestic value-add content exceeds 51%. This allows Alkane to issue its own VINs, and to qualify for government and military contracts.

evLabs builds a universal electric drivetrain system using a sequence of electric motors that can range from 100 to 700 hp. The system includes a controller, a battery management system and a battery pack. The company’s initial Class 6 electric model is rated at 325 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque.

“Significant investment incentives are being offered to accelerate fleet transitions to zero- and low-emission transportation,” said Alkane founder and CEO Robert Smith. “For example, California has approved clean-air incentive programs that provide fleet vouchers of $90,000 to $100,000 per truck for Class 6 ZEV trucks coming to market in 2018. Also, the Federal VW Mitigation Trust has established maximum funding allowances of 75-100% of the cost to replace a diesel Class 6 truck with an all-electric [model]. Launch of the Alkane/evLabs electric truck product line is perfectly timed to take full advantage of the incentives, fuel savings and maintenance savings that fleet managers can benefit from.”


Source: Alkane Truck Company

  • mipak

    Will someone Please Please Please make a 150kW to 200kW 4WD 100% electric pickup with towing to 20,000 lbs? If a Tesla semi can tow 80,000 lbs why can’t we make a good electric high towing pickup truck? Sure the range will be a low as 100 miles even with 200kW’s under full load but who cares? Around town it will be just as efficient as a Bolt when charged via solar it’s still ZERO pollution and would have a 200+ mile range in the city under moderate loads.

    Why can’t some company see this? Are they all dumb or what?

    • Al

      Google Bollinger B1

      • My Vizn

        Bollinger built one truck and pricetag is upwards of $70,000. plus

    • My Vizn

      Tesla announced a robust EV pick up truck…probably 2 years away/

      • mipak

        More like 4 years away before production reaches ‘normal folks’. And since rebates will be gone the price may be too high.

  • My Vizn

    Doesn’t anyone check details? Alkane is a Chinese truck…EV Labs website doesn’t exist. Error 404 Not Found

  • Terry Robb

    Anything new from tesla is most likely 5 or more yrs away. Tesla does not have the production capability as of now to make 450,000 model 3s and continue what they are doing at the same time. Gm will most likely have more EVs at the dealers before Tesla finishes all the model 3s on order