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Volvo sells electric buses to Luxembourg


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is steadily electrifying its public transit. Transport operator Sales-Lentz bought its first Volvo hybrid buses in 2009, and now has 24 Volvo hybrids and 12 Volvo PHEVs in its fleet.

The company is now taking the next step in electrification with the purchase of four Volvo 7900 Electric buses, which will operate in the city of Differdange. The new e-buses will go into service in the second quarter of 2017.

The buses are being sold as a turnkey solution. Volvo will be responsible for service, including battery maintenance, for a fixed monthly cost.

The Volvo 7900 Electric is a two-axle 12-meter low-floor city bus that can carry up to 85 passengers. According to Volvo, it delivers 80% lower energy consumption than a legacy diesel bus.

The buses will be fast-charged at end stops in three to six minutes, using an open interface that Volvo and several other European manufacturers agreed to this spring. The system offers charging power of 150 kW or 300 kW. It uses an inverted pantograph that automatically extends to contact a low-weight interface on the roof of the bus. Buses and charging stations communicate via Wi-Fi.

“Electric bus systems are a cost-efficient solution for cities to reduce the problems of poor air quality and noise. Emission-free, silent buses also open up entirely new possibilities for urban planning,” said Volvo Buses President Håkan Agnevall.


Source: Volvo Buses


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