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Voltabox to produce battery systems for electrified trolleybuses

VoltaBox Battery pack

Industrial EV battery provider Voltabox has received a major order for trolleybus battery systems from electrical systems provider Kiepe Electric. Voltabox will provide 80 modular battery systems and the corresponding air conditioning systems. The batteries will equip trolleybuses in four cities in Italy and Switzerland. Delivery will begin in the middle of this year and finish by spring 2021.

Voltabox’s modular battery systems each contain three newly-developed standard battery containers, each of which  in turn contains 12 battery modules consisting of lithium titanate (LTO) cells. Each container has a nominal voltage of 662.4 V, an energy content of 15.2 kWh, a charging and discharging rate of 50 to 80 kW, an expected lifespan of over 15,000 charging and discharging cycles, and a mass of around 300 kg.

The new standard container system was tested in a pilot project on two trolleybuses in the Dutch city of Arnhem. According to Voltabox, the standard container simplifies the process of equipping trolleybuses with battery systems.

“The next generation of high-performance LTO battery systems based on our standard containers allows us to offer cities and their public transport companies a smart solution to upgrade their existing trolleybus fleets with sustainable, emission-free drives in a fast and efficient manner,” said Jürgen Pampel, CEO of Voltabox.


Source: Voltabox

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