Volkswagen says it will offer a 373-mile EV in 2020 at the price of a diesel Golf

VW e-Golf 3

Volkswagen has announced plans to invest €3.5 billion ($3.7 billion) in e-mobility and digitalization at its German plants. The modernization plans are part of an agreement with the company’s General Works Council (an organization similar to a labor union, which represents VW’s workers).

Under the agreement, the Volkswagen plants at Wolfsburg and Zwickau will produce EVs and components based on the new Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB). The new e-Golf, which is based on the existing MQB platform, will be produced in Dresden at the Transparent Factory, as well as at Wolfsburg.

The MEB is the foundation for what VW calls a new generation of long-range EVs that will be connected, autonomous, and priced for the volume market. The first production MEB vehicle, a version of the I.D. concept shown this year at the Paris auto show, is to be introduced in 2020 with a range of up to 373 miles and a price similar to that of a legacy diesel Golf. If VW actually pulls this off, it could be the death knell for ICE vehicles – and quite possibly for one or more of the companies that make them.

Volkswagen is also reconsidering its policy of relying on suppliers for EV batteries – it plans to develop a pilot plant for battery cells and modules.

“With the pact for the future, we will be entering the field of next-generation e-mobility,” said Bernd Osterloh, Chairman of the General Works Council. “The new cars based on the Modular Electric Drive Kit and electric components from our plants will make our German locations pioneers of electrification within the Volkswagen Group. The Works Council has ensured that these future-oriented vehicles will be made in Germany and not in other countries.”


Source: Volkswagen via Green Car Congress

  • lgg4

    Talk is cheap…

  • gizmowiz

    That’s on the European cycle. Translations–in the USA–about 260 miles.

    • howardpatr

      Just showing how backward the US is – unable to move to metric; like it took for ever to have different colours for its paper money.

    • Ramon A. Cardona

      You need counseling. That is quite a vitriolic response to a press release. There is no mention as to a plan to sell this EV in the US!

    • Marion Meads

      Batteries are getting cheaper. From Volt to Bolt, the battery prices have come down through the years, about 15% drop in price per kWH capacity every year just from Volt pricing alone. By the time VW get their act together to produce their 260 mile car, the Bolt EV would be far cheaper on a per unit mile range basis and with comparable features if VW will price at the same as their diesel Golf.