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Volkswagen reopens Transparent Factory as showcase for electric mobility

volkswagen transparent factory

Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory, which allows customers to watch their new vehicles being assembled, has been redesigned as a showcase for electromobility and digitalization.

The site now features some 50 interactive exhibits, including a glass frame model of the e-Golf. Several of VW’s electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are available for test drives.

The exhibition is divided into four areas. The first three represent the three powerful trends that are beginning to revolutionize the auto industry: electrification, autonomy and connectivity. The fourth section displays some of VW’s fun vehicles, such as the XL1 one-liter car and the beloved Volkswagen bus.

The new exhibition is the first step in an extensive rebuild of the Transparent Factory. Over the next year, its production technology will be updated to enable the flexible assembly of different vehicles, so that the facility will be able to produce several different models, including EVs.

“The new showcase for electric mobility and digitalization tells the story of the automobile from its very beginnings right through to the future, an exciting adventure for the whole family,” said VW spokesman Professor Siegfried Fiebig. “Our exhibition offers hands-on experiences with innovative future technologies.”

“The Transparent Factory is not only an important employer, but also a magnet for visitors,” said Martin Dulig, Deputy Prime Minister of Saxony, at the recent opening ceremony. “We are convinced that it will soon be producing highly modern vehicles once again; vehicles which are future-oriented, electric and digital.”

Volkswagen transparent factory


Volkswagen transparent factory


Source: Volkswagen
Top Image: Poom! (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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