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Vietnamese automaker VinFast delivers first batch of EVs

Vietnam has joined the ranks of EV-producing nations, as automaker VinFast delivered its first batch of VF e34 EVs during a launch event at the company’s manufacturing complex in Hai Phong, Vietnam.

The VF e34 is an electric SUV in the C/mid-size segment that was developed exclusively for the Vietnamese market.

VinFast, which opened in 2017, is a member of the giant conglomerate Vingroup. The VF e34 has a number of features that integrate with other Vingroup products. Its virtual assistant, which was developed by VinBigData, is designed to recognize various regional Vietnamese accents. New features and services will be added via over-the-air software updates.

VinFast offers a battery rental model—customers pay 657,500 VND (approximately $30) per month for a maximum driving distance of 500 km. Battery rental fees will be adjusted each year based on current electricity and gasoline prices. When the battery’s charging capacity drops below 70%, VinFast will replace the battery free of charge.

The VF e34 comes with a 2.2 kW portable charger. VinFast also offers a 7.4 kW wall-mounted charger at a price of around $400. VinFast is building a network of public charging stations, and customers can pay for charging along with the monthly battery subscription fee.

VinFast says it handed over thousands more VF e34 vehicles in January to customers who placed reservations.

Source: VinFast


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