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VIDEO: New Inside Tesla blog shows off Model S production line

The new weekly blog “Inside Tesla” offers a look behind the scenes at the Silicon Valley automaker’s Fremont, California factory, as it cranks out the new Model S sedan, which will be launched in June. It’s not just Tesla’s gleaming new factory that’s on display, but also the company’s legendary marketing savvy – this footage is perfect for evening news segments (or perhaps campaign ads?) touting the rebirth of American manufacturing.


It’s no surprise that the production line for one of the first vehicles designed from the ground up as an EV is super-high tech, heavily reliant on robotics and automation. This week’s video shows the stamping process. Giant machines snip sheet aluminum into blanks, robots load the blanks into stampers, and healthy all-American workers load the finished door panels onto racks, ready to be painted and assembled into new cars. This could be the most riveting serial since Downton Abbey – we can’t wait to see what happens next.


Image: Tesla

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