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VIDEO: A look at the Model S production line

A fascinating new video from WIRED takes us on a guided tour of the Tesla production line, as rolls of raw aluminum sheeting are transformed into the world’s most advanced automobile.

All auto plants are very high-tech these days, but Tesla is at the forefront of this trend. Human employees (3,000) outnumber robots (160) for now, but these machines, which come in all sizes, from tiny to gigantic, can do some amazing things. We get a close-up look as they install the seats, windshield and other parts of a brand new Model S. 


Our narrator, Tesla VP of Manufacturing Gilbert Passin, explains that the production line is in a “constant state of evolution,” continually improving efficiency, as Tesla ramps up to 800 vehicles per week. Passin even gets a little poetic about Tesla’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process. “The way we assemble this car is very different from any other car,” he says. “This Tesla factory is the future of the USA, and the world.”


Source: WIRED

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