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VIA’s electrified trucks to include Recargo’s charging station data

VIA Motors and Recargo have announced an agreement to include Recargo’s PlugShare charging infrastructure information in VIA’s Pad in-Dash EV control system, which it plans to unveil in the 2014 production vehicles.

PlugShare claims to be the world’s most comprehensive listing of public charging stations, with over 28,000 plugs in North America, and 55,000 globally, in its database. VIA Motors sells its plug-in hybrid pickups, vans and SUVs directly to fleet operators.

“Including comprehensive charge station information in VIA’s electric vehicles will help our customers find a charge whenever and wherever they need one, which can improve vehicle efficiency and reduce emissions,” said VIA President Alan Perriton.

“We are very pleased that VIA has selected PlugShare to be included in the VTRUX connected vehicle and iPad offerings,” said Brian Kariger, CEO of Recargo. “We look forward to working with VIA and providing their drivers with an integrated and informed EV experience.”


Source: Recargo


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