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VIA Motors launches voucher program for Chicago fleet buyers

VIA Motors Van

VIA Motors has announced a voucher program for Chicago-area fleet and business owners that reduces the purchase price of its extended range electric pickups and vans. The Drive Clean Chicago program offers a voucher worth $41,200 for the VIA Motors Extended Range Electric Pickup, $42,892 for the Cargo Van, and $39,460 for the Passenger Van.

Combining the Drive Clean Chicago voucher with the $7,500 federal tax credit allows business owners to purchase a VIA electrified truck at nearly the same price as a legacy gas-powered vehicle.

VIA Motors retrofits its proprietary V-DRIVE power train to new OEM vehicles and sells units directly to fleets. Its plug-in Passenger Van, based on a Chevrolet Express, received official certification from the EPA and began delivering vehicles to in November 2014. According to the company, electric range is up to 40 miles, and fuel economy averages over 100 mpg. The van also features a 110-volt power takeoff for tools and other electrical devices.

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Source: VIA Motors via Green Car Congress


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