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UK Government announces seven models eligible for new Plug-in Van Grant

The Transport Department pointed out that commercial vans are ideally suited to the switch to electric, as they often have a predictable route and distance to travel each day.


The UK government is quite keen on helping its motorists break their oil addiction, offering generous incentives to EV buyers. In January, these goodies were extended to buyers of commercial vans, who can now receive rebates of 20% – up to £8,000 – of the price of new vehicles. EVs also receive tax benefits, and are exempt from London’s congestion charges. However, only vehicles that meet performance criteria for range, tail-pipe emissions and safety are eligible. On Tuesday, the government released a list of seven electric van models that qualify for the benefits.

“Cars and vans are absolutely central to people’s lives – it’s how most of us get around and for many journeys they are, and will remain, the only practical and convenient travel choice. Nevertheless climate change is a global challenge we simply have to meet head on. It cannot be ignored or side-stepped,” said Transport Secretary Justine Greening. “The new Plug-in Van Grant also makes business sense as it’s been estimated that a small electric van will typically cost £100 less in fuel for every thousand miles driven compared to a diesel equivalent.”

The Transport Department pointed out that commercial vans are ideally suited to the switch to electric, as they often have a predictable route and distance to travel each day; they make frequent stops; and many of them return to an overnight base where they can be easily recharged.


The first seven vans to be made eligible for the grants are:

· Azure Dynamics – Transit Connect Electric

· Daimler Mercedes-Benz – Vito E-Cell

· Faam – ECOMILE

· Faam – JOLLY 2000

· Mia-electric – Mia U

· Renault – Kangoo ZE variants Kangoo VAN ZE, Kangoo Van Maxi ZE, and Kangoo Van Maxi Crew ZE

· Smith Electric – Smith Edison variants SE2 and SE3


Image: Azure Dynamics

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