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TRW’s Electronic Brake Booster enters EV aftermarket

Automotive supplier ZF has introduced a TRW-branded braking system to expand its range of spare parts for EVs.

The Electronic Brake Booster was initially used as original equipment for the Volkswagen ID.3, ID.4 and ID.Buzz, but it is now available to the independent aftermarket for the ID.5, Audi Q4 e-tron, Skoda Enyak and Cupra Born EVs.

The Electronic Brake Booster is used in the braking system in cars without an internal combustion engine or plug-in hybrids that use one intermittently. It features a power source for brake power assistance, combines recuperation and traditional friction braking, and builds brake pressure faster than a vacuum brake booster, reducing emergency stopping distances. Moreover, it offers:

  • RBC (Roll Back Compensation): compensation for longer pedal travel in low-drag braking systems.
  • PFC (Pedal Force Compensation): uniform pedal pressure independent of the proportion of regenerative braking in the respective driving situation.
  • EBR (External Braking): automatic provision of brake pressure and volume flow depending on the requirements of the vehicle dynamics control system.
  • EPC (Enhanced Performance Curve): software-based, variable assistance characteristics.
  • PRL (Pressure Reduction Logic): pressure reduction at the pedal during vehicle standstill or ABS intervention.

“The TRW-branded electronic brake booster underscores our holistic approach to ensuring that ZF OE innovations are available to our workshop partners at an early stage,” commented Markus Wittig, Senior VP at ZF Aftermarket’s Passenger Car Business Line.

Source: ZF


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