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Toyota bZ4X to use new eAxle from AISIN, BluE Nexus and DENSO

Electric drivetrain manufacturer AISIN has teamed up with BluE Nexus and DENSO to develop an eAxle for the new Toyota bZ4X.

Japan-based BluE Nexus is an electric drivetrain module and electric systems company. DENSO is an automotive component supplier that AISIN says has “developed and produced more than 20 million inverters since the launch of the first Prius in 1997.”

The eAxle is composed of a motor, transaxle and inverter. It is available in a 150 kW version for FWD vehicles and 80 kW versions for the front and rear of 4WD vehicles. According to AISIN, “top-class electric mileage has also been achieved through the optimal magnetic design of the motor, the joining technology to shorten coil ends, low-viscosity oil for the eAxle and loss reduction technologies such as the new RC-IGBT.”

AISIN also says “the eAxle to be mounted in the front of a vehicle has a reduced longitudinal length, and the one to be mounted in the rear of a vehicle has a reduced height, helping expand the passenger and luggage compartment spaces.”

Source: AISIN


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