Torqeedo introduces adapted BMW i3 battery for marine use, range extender, fixed pod motor


Marine motor manufacturer Torqeedo will introduce three new products for electric mobility on the water at the upcoming Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo Florida and Miami International Boat Show.

Torqeedo has adapted BMW’s i3 battery to work with its 40 or 80 hp Deep Blue outboard motors. The prismatic cell design provides efficient cooling with an integrated compressor and even temperature distribution, and is mounted in a rugged shock-resistant enclosure.

Torqeedo’s 25 kW Range Extender is an inverter generator designed to complement the Deep Blue system. The combustion engine runs at its most efficient operating point, supplying the full 25 kW regardless of load demands or battery voltage level. It doesn’t require a separate starter, but uses the electric motor included in the genset.

Torqeedo’s Cruise FP fixed pod motor is an alternative to an inboard diesel engine. It features new electronic throttles and a user interface on a high-resolution marine display, and can be charged from shore power, solar, a generator or hydro-generation while underway.


Source: Torqeedo