Texas reinstates EV rebates

The big land of big cowboys driving big trucks has actually been fairly supportive of EVs. The state previously offered $2,500 rebates for EVs under a year-long program that ended in 2015 (a total of 1,896 rebates were awarded, out of 2,000 available).

Now the Lone Star State has established a new incentive program under which buyers of EVs, PHEVs and fuel cell vehicles will be eligible for a rebate of $2,500. The offer applies to purchases made between September 1, 2017 and May 31, 2019, or whenever the $7.3-million budget runs out.

CNG vehicles are eligible for $5,000 rebates, but few of those are expected to be claimed, as the program bizarrely excludes fleet vehicles. The fuel cell incentive is (fortunately) also a theoretical exercise, as no fuel cell vehicles are currently available in Texas.

According to The Drive, Texas was among the first states to allow utilities to operate charging stations for profit, and the state currently has around 997 public charging stations,

“Texas now joins 45 other states in incentivizing alternative fuel vehicles or infrastructure to support them, which accelerates the adoption of clean vehicles and demonstrates the contributions alternative fuels are making to improve air quality, lower operating costs and enhance energy security,” said Russ Keene, President of advocacy group Plug-in Texas.


Source: Dallas News via The Drive

  • bytrain

    Texas has the second largest population in the U.S. and some of the nation’s most polluted cities. While this incentive is a step in the right direction, it is orders of magnitude smaller than it needs to be to address pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. This new program will fund up to 2,920 plug-in vehicles. The prior program funded 1,896. For a grand total of 4,816. California funds this many vehicles every 5 weeks or so: https://cleanvehiclerebate.org/eng/rebate-statistics.

  • mipak

    California, Colorado, Texas–smart states. Utah. Dumb state. No EV rebates. It had one and erased it because of complaints by the Coal industry dominating that states corruption.